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Friday 26 January 2018 at 15:00: FRTM & FITF Symposium
Sorbonne - Amphithéâtre Guizot, from 08:30

La Sorbonne - Paris


Under the honorary presidency of Sophie de Laporte, president of the FRTM and Antoine de La Rochefoucauld, President of the FITF. 
Under the direction of senior researchers at the École Pratique des Hautes Études Catherine Massip and Jean-Michel Leniaud and Sorbonne University professor François Picard.


8:30 | Reception 


9:00 | Opening • Sophie de Laporte, president of the FRTM, and Antoine de La Rochefoucauld, President of the FITF


9:15 | Introduction • Jean-Michel Leniaud, senior researcher at the EPHE, former director of the École Nationale des Chartes (2011-2016)


9:35 | “Why does the horn sound in D?” • François Picard, professor at Sorbonne University, member of IReMus 


10:00 | “The Marquis de Dampierre at the court of the Duchess of Maine at the Château de Sceaux” • Catherine Cessac, senior researcher at the CNRS, Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles


10:25 | “Jean-Philippe Rameau and the horn sounder” • Thomas Soury, associate member of IReMus


10.50 | Break 


11:05 | “Louis-François de Bourbon-Conti (1717-1776), Prince of Conti, at the Château de l'Isle-Adam: the patron and the veneur” • Frédéric Chappey, lecturer at Lille-3 University 


11:30 | “Music, hunting and the horn at the Prince of Conti’s court” • Thomas Vernet, doctor in musicology, head of the François-Lang Music Library at the Royaumont Foundation.

12.15 | Concert at the Sorbonne’s Richelieu amphitheatre 
Presentation of the concert by Jean-Pierre Bartoli, president of the association “Les Concerts de Midi”:
Les partitions du livre de musique de chasse du prince de Conti, performed by Nicolas Dromer 
Troisième symphonie pour cordes et deux trompes dédiée à monseigneur le prince de Conti by Pierre Vachon (1738-1803), performed by musicians of the CRR de Paris orchestra conducted by Xavier Delette with Sylvain Oudot and Nicolas Dromer on the horn 
Grand fantasies and “Radoucis” by a group of sounders including Sylvain Oudot, Yannick Bureau, Guyaume Vollet, Grégory Pichard, Guillaume Cintrat, Jérôme Amelot, under the direction of Nicolas Dromer

13:30 | Lunch break

14:45 | Discussion on the morning's talks and on the pieces presented during the concert • Chaired by Sorbonne University professor Jean-Pierre Bartoli

15:30 | “Composing for the hunting horn in the 21st century” • Sylvain Oudot, Denis Raffaelli, Olivier d'Ormesson, Jean Charles Gandrille: a conversation with François Picard

16h30 | “Communicating and teaching the art of the horn: methods or practice” • Round table discussion moderated by François Picard with vice-president of the FITF François Favre, member of the Accademia di Sant'Uberto Giorgio Marinello – a player in the revival of the horn in Italy –, head of the FITF Belgium François de Radzitzky, president of the FITF’s training and workshops commission Pascal Bouclet, and teacher and founder of the school “Des trompes et vous” Guyaume Vollet

17h30 | Conclusion • Catherine Massip, senior researcher at the EPHE and honorary director of the BnF’s Music Department


Photos © Claude-Matthieu Pezon

Frise Logos 2.jpg

Publication in October 2018 of the

Actes du colloque “La trompe de chasse ad libitum” 

(Proceedings of the symposium “La trompe de chasse ad libitum”)

With contributions by

Sophie de Laporte, Antoine de la Rochefoucauld, Philippe Dulac, Jean-Michel Leniaud, François Picard, Catherine Cessac, Thomas Soury, Frédéric Chappey, Thomas Vernet, Catherine Massip

Colour and black & white photographs - 17 x 24 cm, paperback, 200 pages,

€39 Éditions Montbel

Actes colloque 2018
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