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Saturday May 13, 2023

Hunting horn concert at Saint-Roch church in Paris with the sounders of the Débuché de Paris

​Church of Saint-Roch in Paris

On the occasion of the exhibition "Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette and the Revolution, the royal family at the Tuileries (1789-1792)" proposed at the National Archives and the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Institute of the House of Bourbon…

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December 2022

​Nicolas Dromer and the IMD Ensemble set out to conquer Canada

​Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto...

The classification of the art of hunting horn sounders as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO was a tremendous boost for the promotion of the hunting trumpet.
Soon, it is in Canada that Nicolas Dromer and the IMD Ensemble will be the ambassadors of this instrument of kings.

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18 and 19 September 2021

"Hunting horn in the gardens of Malmaison”

Château de Malmaison

On the occasion of European Heritage Days and as part of the year of Napoleon, the National Museum of the castles of Malmaison and Bois-Préau, La Frtm, with the support of Fitf, invite you to a concert of horns in the gardens and in the guest rooms of the Château de Malmaison.

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Friday April 30, 2021

“Ceremoniale e divertissement”

Online concert

Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi
Programme : Georg Philipp Telemann, Jean-Baptiste Morin
Orchestra barocca dell’Accademia di Sant’Uberto ed Equipaggio della Regia Venaria di suonatori di corno da caccia

Concert video / YouTube

On the occasion of the inclusion of the hunting horn on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


19 September 2020 to 4 October 2020

The Horn at the Heart of Heritage

Photo exhibition at the Palais-Royal presented by the FRTM and the Galerie Perge

Musical entertainment in the framework of the Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days) by the Ensemble de Trompes de l’Institut Musical Dromer, conducted by Nicolas Dromer, with the participation of Guyaume Vollet...

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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Stéphane Bern welcomed at the Academy to the sound of the hunting horn

Chapelle de l’ancien hôpital royal de Versailles
A quintet of horn champions, led by Nicolas Dromer provide musical accompaniment to the solemn opening session of the Académie de Versailles. With Stéphane Bern and Claire Bommelaere...

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20181216 FRTM Invalides par Olivier Biza

Sunday 16 December

“Christmas at the Invalides”

Saint Louis des Invalides Cathedral
The Musée de l'Armée, with the support of the Frtm and the Fondation François Sommer, offered an exceptional concert with the participation of The Rallye Atlantique, conducted by Nicolas Dromer and the Grand Orchestre de la Musique des Troupes de Marine’s, conducted by Stéphane Fougeroux.

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Friday 26 January 2018

« La trompe de chasse ad libitum »
Symposium FRTM & FITF

Sorbonne - Amphithéâtre Guizot

Under the honorary presidency of Sophie de Laporte, president of the FRTM and Antoine de La Rochefoucauld, President of the FITF. Under the direction of senior researchers at the École Pratique des Hautes Études Catherine Massip and Jean-Michel Leniaud and Sorbonne University professor François Picard.

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January 29, 2023

​Mass of Saint-Hubert and horn concert at the Sainte-Trinité church

​Church of the Sainte-Trinité

The sounders of Île-de-France, gathered for a Saint-Hubert mass and a horn concert, sounded the honors in tribute to Sophie de Laporte, welcomed by Nicolas Dromer, Île-de-France delegate of the FITF and by the Rallye Trompes d’Yauville…

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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Hunting horn & organ concert by the Rallye Atlantique

Lecture by Jean-Michel Leniaud

Basilica of St. Denis

The high vaults of the Saint-Denis Basilica, which houses the tombs of the kings of France, will resound with the sound of hunting horns. The Rallye Atlantique is preparing a great concert for us under the direction of Nicolas Dromer, its artistic director.

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Saturday June 12, 2021

The reopening of La Chapelle expiatoire

Chapelle expiatoire, square Louis XVI - Paris

On the occasion of the reopening of the National Monuments to the public, the Ministry of Culture asked the FRTM to schedule a series of hunting horn concerts at the Chapelle Expiatoire and at Square Louis XVI in Paris. In the presence of Prince Louis de Bourbon, Duc d'Anjou

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February 2021

Publication of the handbook “Je sonne de la trompe”.

Written by renowned sounders Sylvain Oudot and Guyaume Vollet, with the participation of Hubert Klein, this is a new step towards the professionalisation of horn teaching, which is worthy of a place in its own right in music conservatories.

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Sunday 16 February 2020

Solemn mass for hunting horns

Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre Basilica

As part of the Jubilee of the centenary of the Basilica’s consecration, Le 
Débuché de Paris led the Benedictine Sisters' Choir and the grand organs in this mass...

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Saturday 28 September 2019

“Les Feux de Monsieur de Colbert” and the hunting horn

Domaine départemental de SceauxIn the magical setting of the “Feux de Monsieur de Colbert”, a show performed by the Compagnie Carabosse, thirty hornists from different groups provided musical entertainment for the evening in the gardens designed by Le Nôtre.

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FRTM Messe de la Saint Hubert ND 18-11-2

Sunday 18 November 2018

St. Hubert's Mass

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Archbishop of Paris Monsignor Michel Aupetit officiated this mass with the participation of the Débuché de Paris, conducted by Guillaume Caucat, and the Trompes Royales Dampierre, conducted by Dimitry Donders. Henri Chalet conducted the Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris and Yves Castagnet was on the choir organ.

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WEB_IMG_9756 Copie.jpg

December 13, 2022

​The horn, passion of a king

​Castle of Versailles

Echoing the exhibition “Louis XV, Passions of a King”, the Palace of Versailles welcomed, on Tuesday December 13, 1,200 guests for an exceptional evening punctuated by musical performances from the Rallye Trompes d’Yauville and Nicolas Dromer…

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May 4.5 and 6, 2022

The hunting horn at the Musical Academy of Villecroze

Musical Academy of Villecroze (83)

As part of a partnership between the FRTM and the Académie Musicale de Villecroze, Nicolas Dromer and the players of the Dromer Musical Institute took part in the horn class of Bruno Schneider, professor at the Geneva University of Music and soloist in the most prestigious orchestras.

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Tuesday June 10, 2021

Tribute to Hubert Germain, last Companion de la Libération

At the Invalides, the horn paid homage that was both moving, almost poignant, and of great simplicity to Hubert Germain, the last of the Companions de la Libération.

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L9998248 - copie.jpg

December 2020

The horn has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The FRTM extends its warmest congratulations to the FITF for the inclusion of the hunting horn and the art of sounding it on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 
The UNESCO decision, taken Thursday 17 December, crowns a formidable collective effort by France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, and of everyone who is endeavouring to promote the horn.


Sunday 15 December 2019

Christmas concert at the Invalides

Saint-Louis des Invalides Cathedral
The Musée de l'Armée, with the support of the Frtm, offered an exceptional concert with the participation of hunting horns.
Les Échos de la Jeunesse hunting horn ensemble, conducted by Guyaume Vollet, with the participation of Nicolas Dromer.
Musique des Troupes de Marine, conducted by Stéphane Fougeroux and Matthieu Larrieu.

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Friday 21 June 2019

La Fête de la Musique (annual Music Day) 2019

Palais de la Légion d’honneur

The Grand Chancellery of the Légion d’Honneur and the FRTM welcomed the public to a Music Day celebration at the Palais de la Légion d'Honneur. The Rallye Atlantique, conducted by Nicolas Dromer, participated in this event.

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October 2018

Publication in October 2018 of the Actes du colloque “La trompe de chasse ad libitum

(Proceedings of the symposium “La trompe de chasse ad libitum”). With contributions by Sophie de Laporte, Antoine de la Rochefoucauld, Philippe Dulac, Jean-Michel Leniaud, François Picard, Catherine Cessac, Thomas Soury, Frédéric Chappey, Thomas Vernet, Catherine Massip

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