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Friday November 24, 2023
Société de géographie | Paris

The horn is the guest of the France Patrimoine Culturel Immatériel conference

With the participation of Nicolas Dromer

The Frtm, in conjunction with the Fitf, sponsored a presentation of the Trompe musicale during the conference organized on Friday, November 24 at the Société de Géographie, in the presence of its President, Professor Jean-Robert Pitte, member of the Institute , for the 20th anniversary of France Patrimoine Culturel Immatériel.

This association brings together, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, all the French heritage stakeholders labeled World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the art of horn blowers having been registered there since 2020.
Nicolas Dromer, six-time international solo horn champion, musical director of the Atlantic Rally and director of the Dromer Musical Institute, presented the instrument, its musical diversity, and sounded raving and fanfares. He was accompanied, for compositions requiring the use of other performers, by François Favre (bass) and Denis Raffaelli (president and vocals) of the Rallye Trompes de Bonne, as well as Roland Duthoit (second category), editor-in-chief of the Fitf Review.


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