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Saturday 12 June, 2021

Chapelle expiatoire Paris

Square Louis XVI - Paris

reopening of La Chapelle expiatoire

On the occasion of the reopening of national monuments to the public, the Ministry of Culture has requested the FRTM to programme a series of hunting horn concerts at the Chapelle Expiatoire and at the Square Louis XVI in Paris, in the presence of the Duke of Anjou.

Two groups of sounders have been asked by the FRTM to perform in this symbolic place in French history: the Institut Musical Dromer’s champions, Guyaume Vollet, Romain Renard, Grégory Pichard, Jérome Amelot, Gustave Cuypers, Guillaume Cintrat, and Clément Lequeux, conducted by Nicolas Dromer, and the Rallye Trompes d’Yauville, a group from Versailles which rehearses in the woods of Fausses Reposes where d'Yauville commanded Louis XV’s and Louis XVI’s royal venery for 56 years.
Monseigneur le Prince Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou, honoured this day at the Chapelle Expiatoire with his presence. A great piece, the fanfare Le Lys Royal, composed for the occasion by Sylvain Oudot to pay homage to him and to thank him for having agreed to sponsor the Rallye Trompes d’Yauville, was sounded in his honour.

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Photo: © Charles Plumey-Faye

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