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December 13, 2022

Castle of Versailles

The horn, passion of a King

Echoing the exhibition Louis XV, Passions of a King, the Palace of Versailles welcomed, on Tuesday December 13, 1,200 guests for an exceptional evening with musical and theatrical punctuations illustrating the passions of Louis XV.

In this magical and festive setting, the Trompes d'Yauville Rally, named after the man who was commander of the venery of Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI for 56 years, a formation of bell ringers placed under the high patronage of Mgr Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou, evoked in the magnificent marble courtyard of the castle the passion for hunting and the trumpet of Louis XV by interpreting various fanfares and musical pieces for trumpet.

Nicolas Dromer, whose Rallye d'Yauville is also the godchild, leaving a meeting of the FRTM Board of Directors held in Paris, came to join the RTY and offered the public some solo fanfares including the Paula d'Aramon with which he was for the sixth time titled international trumpet champion at the Sully-sur-Loire competition in September 2022.

The Rallye Trompes d'Yauville is co-directed by Fabrice Desquest, course instructor at the Château de Dobert in Sarthe, and Jérome Duchalais, assistant trumpet teacher at the Dromer Musical Institute. The RTY performs regularly in the Paris region, at the Palais Royal for the European Heritage Days in 2020, at the Château de Malmaison for the Napoleon year in 2021, at the Expiatory Chapel for the reopening of National Monuments in 2021, in the Cour d honor of the former royal hospital of Versailles each year on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique and at the Notre-Dame de Versailles church for the masses of Saint-Hubert.


Photo: RTY

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