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February 2024

Louis Cottin (1929-2024)

The Frtm, its president, Sophie de Laporte, the members of its board of directors and its sponsorship committee, are sad to announce the death, Saturday February 3, in Paris of Louis Cottin, vice-president and co- founder of the FRTM, honorary president of the Rallye Trompes des Vosges.

Since the creation of the Frtm, Louis Cottin has magnificently contributed to its influence by carrying out its projects and galvanizing energies. His fanfare La Louis Cottin (1990), composed by Christian Conte and sounded in the version posted here by Christian Conte for the first phrase, Hubert Heinrich for the second and the two together for the third, Hubert on vocals and Christian in second, said the love of life, the panache, the combativeness, the charisma, the enthusiasm, the generosity of Louis who had discovered the horn as a young huntsman with Fanfare and who through the FRTM was a remarkable ambassador.


Photo : Madeleine Druon, Louis Cottin et Sophie de Laporte lors de la Messe, pour Trompes et Orgue, à la mémoire de Pierre Messmer, Compagnon de la Libération, à la Cathédrale Saint-Louis des Invalides, le 15 septembre 2013 © Olivier Martel

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