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December 2022
From Montreal to Vancouver via Toronto

Nicolas Dromer and the Ensemble de Trompes of the Institut Musical Dromer set out to conquer Canada

The classification of the art of the hunting horn ringers as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, in December 2021, was a tremendous boost for the promotion of the hunting horn, so French, abroad.

In Italy, the Accademia di Sant'Uberto of Stupiniggi and Veneria Reale carries out high quality work to make the best pieces of the baroque repertoire heard for the hunting horn and to re-establish the close links which linked the hunting trumpet to the natural horn.
In Belgium, it is around the commune of Saint-Hubert, capital of hunting and stronghold of Saint Hubert, that the hunting horn enriches its letters of nobility.
Soon it will be in Canada that Nicolas Dromer and the Ensemble de Trompes de l'Institut Musical Dromer will be the ambassadors of this instrument of kings.
Dampierre and d'Yauville, who successively served Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, are already marveling at the balcony of Paradise during this tour across the Atlantic which is presented under the best auspices.
It is the David Graham Foundation, a Franco-Canadian foundation placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France and chaired by Olivier Delattre, which is at the initiative of this trip in October 2022. A partnership has indeed been established between the FRTM and the David Graham Foundation, sponsor, for a period of three years which gives the FRTM project management, the latter entrusting the project management to Nicolas Dromer who himself mobilizes the Dromer Musical Institute and the Ensemble de Trompes of the Dromer Musical Institute to carry out a very dense musical and educational program. First of all, there will be a series of concerts in different formats: tone hunting horn concerts with orchestras, with natural horn formation, trumpet concerts in sounding groups (ETIMD), solo and with organ. Then, alongside all these musical performances, Nicolas Dromer will also intervene in conservatories, music schools and ad hoc receptions to present the instrument in order to arouse vocations and open one or more hunting horn classes in this immense territory.
Rich experience that the generosity of the David Graham Foundation allows to continue over three years in order to validate the interest and to give time to find the means to ensure the autonomy of operation beyond.


Photo : Benson Kua - Creative Commons

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